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Jac-Knife Highway Pegs


Innovative Metal Technology's Jac-Knife Motorcycle Highway Pegs allow riders to position their feet off to the side of the floorboard for added comfort while riding down the road. These pegs are easily concealed under your floorboard when not in use. The design of the peg compliments the existing geometry of the floorboard blending with the floorboard while the peg is in the retracted position.

The Jac-Knife is held in position with the use of a spring loaded ball plunger. The plunger indexes the peg by mating with a ball detent located on the surface of the mounting plate. The plunger also acts as a breakaway safety releasing and allowing the peg to move to the retracted position without causing any damage or loss of control.

Available in Black Anodized & Chrome (Photos shown below.)

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